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The Journey to Now

At some point during the grueling long stretch of law school, I found myself urgently yearning for a creative outlet - something that was completely and utterly detached from the highly regimented structure of writing legal memorandums, citing statutes, and referencing case law. I quickly began to take note of the chic fashion blogs that began to emerge and what felt as the overnight sensation of "street style." Photographs of these ladies draped in designer duds, vintage pieces, affordable finds, and fun frocks, all pieced together by them, began to fill all social media forums, for the world to draw inspiration from. And inspiration I drew. 

Well, more like funds from my ever-dwindling bank account. But nonetheless I was hooked. I became obsessed with studying their photographs. Incorporating that half shirt tuck trick into my wardrobe, improving my ability to accessorize, and then popping up at school the next day looking like an off duty fashion house employee rather than your typical sleep deprived, legging clad, law student. (But don't get my wrong my leggings and sweats remained a classic law school staple - especially during dead week and finals!)
I actually went to law school because, well, in my family you had to become either a lawyer or doctor, and I figured I could argue so why not law school?! And a (small and short lived) career as a model was not what my old school Persian parents had in mind. But now...I wanted to add 'fashionista' to that mix?

Who did I think I was? What was I doing with my life? And these two questions prompted multiple massive anxiety attacks.

I've had a passion for fashion and beauty from when I was a little girl being taken on shopping trips with my mother. I was that little girl who would go to birthday parties and eat with a napkin on my lap, not for etiquette reasons, but merely because I didn't want my outfit getting ruined. And I'm referencing the 5 year old me here. And this love only grew with age. In fact this was the reason I had forced my mother to allow me to sign with Elite Management when I was just 12 (trust me when I say I was way skinnier then and almost the same height as I am now!), not because I wanted to be famous, which at that age I didn't even understand, but instead because I wanted to have a legitimate reason to get dressed up in new outfits all the time. In the end that short lived "career" ended but my love for beauty and fashion only intensified.

To me style is an expression of self. My mother taught me about style. About loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. And my father taught me about being an intellectual. So would I have to ultimately choose one over the other? A stylish fashionista or an intellectual attorney who leaves her style and sense of self and home in the morning only to retrieve it again later that evening after I've fulfilled my daily duties?

As a woman, attorney, and lover of all things fashionable, I am who I am. I love to read, write, travel, apply makeup, style my outfits, and spend time with my loved ones. It's chaotic and there's nothing cohesive or stream lined about who I am. So I've decided not to pick the ever seemingly obvious choice of being just an attorney. Because well, that's just too pragmatic. Instead I'm beginning this journey in my life, only to add to the chaos because that's just who I am. 

Through this pragmatic chaos, Neghin Adina was born. A place that is relatable to all women, no matter what walk of life they are on. But also a place for me to tell my story and curate my own future. A place where I can be both an intellect yet not be forced to leave my sense of self and my love of style behind.

Everyone has a story; here is mine...

I wrote this post in early October (I posted a little snippet on my Insta back then), but this process has truly been a labor of love.  So... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE, SUPPORT AND PATIENCE!

It is so exciting to finally have this little space to connect with you all!  Please comment below and let me know what YOU want to read and see on the blog!


  1. This is awesome! Go girl. I blogged once and know how you feel. Keep it up you have an incredible eye - Inna Kashani

    1. Inna, thank you so much for your kind words and your support! I am so appreciative! I had no idea you blogged once...you need to get back into it! I think with your new perspective as a mom too...it would be incredible!