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FriYAY Faves: Highlighters!

Welcome to my First FriYAY Faves! Every Friday I am going to share with you my favorite products whether they be in beauty, fashion, home decor, or just anything I'm loving at that moment!

With that said, I thought it was only imperative that I base my first FriYAY Faves on my favorite highlighters!  I'm obsessed with makeup, skincare, and all things beauty just as much as I am about fashion.  In fact, at my parents house I used to have a designated beauty area, basically a designated beauty room.  And before the overnight explosion of beauty and makeup youtubers and influencers my friends used to come over and either be in awe or ridicule me of my beauty collection - but guess who is having the last laugh now! :)

Back to highlighters... I don't know about you but I like my highlighter to be seen from the heavens!  I naturally have very dry and dehydrated skin so I like to add a pop of dewiness on specific places on my skin - tops of my cheekbones, above the arch of my eyebrows, the bridge of my nose, and my cupids bow!

In this post I'm breaking down my ride or dies... my highlighter faves.  Enjoy!

#1 - Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop

Now if you want your highlighter to POP I would definitely recommend champagne pop.  It has the most beautiful golden champagne color and will work well with any skin tone.  I won't lie, I'm also a big fan of Jaclyn Hill so when she originally came out with this collaboration I just had to have it.  But it was so good I stocked up on it, not just once, but twice!  When Becca and Jaclyn came out with their second collaboration I expanded my collection, and well, I guess you can say obsession!  

I have this shade in the pressed powder, the poured creme, and their liquid Shimmering Skin Perfector.  I definitely use the powered one the most, but when I want just that much more of a pop I place the poured creme on first and then set it with the pressed powder.  The liquid one is great to mix in with your foundation for a more natural all over glow/lit from within look!

This is definitely the highlighter I reach for on the daily!  

#2 - Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm

Don't be deceived by the seemingly innocent honey-hued highlighter because this little guy packs some serious punch!  This was the first ever highlighter I purchased and still to this day...after trying, using, and loving many types and brands of highlighters, this one is still one of my ride or dies!  
First off, the packaging and naming of all of theBalm cosmetics are so cute that I just can't even (yes I just said that)!  But even with that aside the pigmentation is out of this world!! The product is so buttery and blends beautifully!  You just need a tiny bit of this to get THE. BEST. GLOW. EVER. 

I will say that this highlighter does work better with skin tones that are more on the fair side because of the light gold hue.  However, if you have darker skin you can still rock this highlighter but have a light hand and use it a little more sparingly!

#3 - Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Sandstone

The Shimmer Bricks are Bobbi Brown's original, iconic and award winning highlighters.  This highlighter adds light-catching shimmer yet sheer color to the skin.  The best part of these bricks are the different "layers" of color so every time I use this one compact I can customize the color and intensity of my glow.  So in one product you are getting an endless amount of looks.  Can you say AHHHH-MAZING!  But no matter what, this highlighter serves you a high-impact glow.  This is definitely not for the faint of heart!

The shimmer bricks come in countless shades so no matter what skin tone or color you have you will find a shade or color that works well with you!

I have two shimmer bricks but the one I always gravitate towards is Sandstone.  This one is very similar to the Bronze Shimmer Brick but was a little less, well, bronzey.

Bobbi Brown also makes travel sizes of their Shimmer Bricks which is great because you can either test out different shades without breaking the bank (its about half the price as the full size) or you can just stock up on travel sizes of the different shades because a little bit goes a long way, which basically means you don't have to worry about running out of the product anytime soon!

I wish I knew that when I was first buying the shimmer bricks, but going forward I'm definitely going to buy the travel sizes!

#4 - Laura Geller Gilded Honey

I'm not going to lie the packaging is whatevs but the highlighter, the product itself, does not disappoint!  And its whats on the inside that really counts, right?!

This highlighter is by far the most universal out of these highlighters and the reason is because it works on anyone and everyone.  I mean that...no matter your skin tone, your skin color, your age...it does not matter.  I can use this highlighter and layer it to get the poppin' glow that I love.  Yet my mom can also wear this highlighter and have it look more subtle, more ethereal, glowing from within look.

And the secret behind why this is possible is because this highlighter layers like a dream!  Not the cakey mess that happens when you keep layering product on product.  But instead no matter how much or how little you layer this highlighter it looks like perfection.  You lightly swipe it across the tops of your cheek bones to get the more ethereal, glowing from within look.  Or layer it on itself or a liquid highlighter and it will work its magic without looking cakey!

#5 - Cover Fx Custom Enhancer Drops in Candlelight

This year 2016 (woah still hasn't hit me that it's 2017!) was definitely the year of the highlighters!  But if any one brand changed the game IT WAS HANDS DOWN COVER FX!  It actually took me a while to get my hands on these babies because they were always sold out!  And, yes, I needed every single shade, because well they're all truly different.. and no, this time that's not just an excuse!

But when I got my first one, Candlelight, which coincidentally ended up being my favorite, I was sold.  These highlighters are liquid so the use for them are endless.  You can mix it with your foundation to give yourself the all over glow but you can also use it to lighten and darken your foundation - whilst still glowing from "with-in."  Side Note: This is what Cover Fx was originally known for - their large range of foundation droppers that are made specifically to mix in with your favorite foundations to lighten or darken the shade so you don't have to continuously buy a new shade depending on the season/your tan! Simple, YES... Genius, one thousand percent!

I actually, and finally, got my hands on the Candlelight shade right before my honeymoon.  At first I was annoyed because it was more of a bronzey shade and I wanted more of a golden highlighter, because you know one can never have too many of the same shade! Nonetheless I packed this with my makeup for the trip.  And boy oh boy was it perfect!

As I got tanner and tanner on my honeymoon (thank you Israel and Greece for the most perfect golden tan ever!), I just dropped two drops into my foundation to darken it to match the color to my ever changing tan in those two weeks.  But then I would also use one drop as the last step of my makeup to highlight all those areas I wanted highlighted.  Yes, you read that correctly, just ONE drop of this high pigmented baby would highlight the tops of my cheek bones, the area above the arch of my eyebrows, my nose, and my cupids bow.  I then knew I needed every. single. shade.

Yes, these swatches are of one drop of each shade! I told you these babies are pigmented AF!

Comment below and let me know if any of these highlighters are your favorite or if there is another highlighter you guys love so we can all go check them out!  Also comment and let me know what you would like to see in my FriYAY Faves next! 

xx, Neghin Adina

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