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Gifts That Say "I Love You" (or "I Love Me")

 I've always thought of Valentine's Day as true Hallmark Holiday - you know, the kind that's created just to make money off of?!  I know, I sound like the Valentine's Day version of the Grinch right now.  But I would rather have a random date night - one not filled with one million strangers, obnoxious decorations making it seemingly impossible to even see my date across the table, and a pre-set menu (cut to Carrie Bradshaw swatting away the annoying Valentine's Day dinner balloon strings in the Sex and the City movie).  Yes, that, I can live without.  But, I'm still a girl and a hopeless romantic, so it's also nice to receive the chocolates, gifts, roses, and cards that tell me how much you adore me!

I originally wanted to put together this post as a guide to help those men out there find something for their hunnies, but then I realized, some of the best gifts I've received I've bought for myself.  So this is guide for you all...to buy for your significant other, to treat yourself, to splurge on and to save...

1. Dinner & Drinks... this is a duhhh!!  Whether you take your babe out to dinner or you get a bottle of champs and stay in and make dinner, this is a must.  A time for you two to hang out, connect, catch up and have fun!  I'm all about interactive dinners, think Barton G, Korean BBQ, or even a cooking class at Sur La Table.  And there's nothing a glass of champs or wine can't fix #ClassyAF

2. Pamper Me... I am a hard core, ride or die, massage fanatic.  I mean there is almost nothing I wouldn't trade to be rubbed down.  In fact, I love it all... mani/pedi, bath salts, scrubs...you name it, I'm in!  I recently discovered the Camille Beckman Bath Soaks, and oh. em. geeeee these are amazing!  They are handmade in small batches by a mother-daughter duo.  Not tested on animals.  They use essential oils and organic cocoa butter.  The list goes on.  But the best part is, the price point.  If you're on a budget but still want the A-List pampering feels you need to check them out!  Get a pack of their bath salts, light a candle, drink a glass of champs and relax while millions of other people will be jam packed in restaurants waiting for their drinks!  Then follow your skin nurturing bath with their hand cream voted America's #1!

3. Chocolates and Flowers... This is the easiest and most affordable one.  That statement is true so long as you do not wait until Valentines Day to go out and buy/order it.  So get on it now!

4. Lingerie... Because I mean why not, its VDay after all!  This could be the whole get up, silky PJs, a robe, sexy undies... Yes, I believe lingerie can fall into many buckets and not just the traditional idea of the barely there lacey number that has been instilled into our minds by society.  I believe its whatever makes you feel sexiest!  For me that's sexy, lacy undies!  I was sent a BootayBag and I'm so obsessed that I am not going to be sending this to my sisters as well!  Yes, my sisters are my forever Valentines even though I have the most amazing hubby ever!  BootayBag is basically a monthly underwear subscription (which I'm all about...I have monthly memberships, not just for my magazines but for my nails, hair and massages! Can you say best thing ever?!!)!  For just $12 a month (I'm not kidding!) you get two pair of undies pick for your individual style preference shipped straight to you (or your loved ones)!  And as if the sexy undies, free shipping and price point weren't enough... BootayBag is charity based!  So you get to look good and feel good at the same time!

5. Makeup & Perfume... No it doesn't matter that every female has seemingly 26354 identical nude lipsticks or 60 perfumes when they only wear one!  Us women have this amazing ability to be able to justify each lipstick purchase after the next and love a new scent even though we revert to our "signature" scent every time.  Call us crazy (just not to our face!).  So yes, you'll be safe buying your valentine a perfume or lipsticks or two...or both!

6. Clothes, Shoes & Bags... Get me one, get me them all!  I don't care, just do it!  I don't know any woman who doesn't want to receive a cute Saint Laurent clutch, the new trendy Gucci Dionysus purse, an amazing blouse, or a pair of shoes whether it be booties, heels, mules, slides...
I think you get the drift.  If not, read and repeat until you do!  You cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT go wrong if you get your honey (or yourself) a clothing item, a purse, or a shoe from the brand or in the style they love!

7. Jewelry... I feel like this one is the most obvious.  I feel like you can easily resort to a beautiful piece that is sentimental and says 'I love you' easily with a piece of jewelry.  And with so many different styles, hardware and stones there is something for everyone and at every price point!

So instead of making a boring list of links in this post I made it super easy and fun for you to shop!  Just CLICK HERE and then click on the above image and you'll get a drop down of images of all the goodies in the gift guide!  You see, even this post is a surprise gift within itself!  Oh and even though it's not pictured... don't forget the card!!  You see..it all ties back to Hallmark! 😁

Happy Shopping & Happy Valentine's Day!  Love you all so so much!!

xx, Neghin

Thank you so much to Camille Beckman and BootayBag for collaborating with me on this post!  As always, all opinions are my own!

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