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Testing Out Trends

I have a confession to make...

Trendy luxury pieces scare me.  Should I spend 4,000 plus dollars on a Chanel backpack when backpacks are all the rage right now?  I mean it's not like a classic Chanel that I can wear everyday now and in 50 years from now.  But it's an investment (the excuse I use to justify every expensive purchase so my husband doesn't divorce me).... right?!! 

Like I've said before, I think clothing you can fake, but not quality bags, shoes and accessories.  Yet before I drop the big bucks on the luxury goods, especially when it's trendy, I need to test it out.  Now I wish I could just buy the Chanel backpack, "test" it out, and decide.  But unfortunately that's not an option.  So instead I look for quality alternatives.  The alternative will either prove to me that I love the trend enough to splurge or it'll satisfy the itch of wanting to keep up with the Jones'.  Nonetheless, it needs to be a quality alternative.  Why?  Because a cheap dupe will either turn me off to the trend just because the quality of the bag or shoe was horrendous, which is still a waste of money even if it's pennies on the dollar, or if I decide the alternative was not enough to satisfy my need for the trendy piece, then it's still money wasted because I'll need to find a higher quality alternative. 

With that said, I don't need my luxury dupe to look like the higher end item I'm scoping out, I just need it to be good quality and at a reasonable/affordable price. 

Cut to Hazlmay.  I was googling high quality backpacks, affordable backpacks, etc., and came across their site.  They have handbags embodying all trendy styles!  Made with playful textures and faux leather, you get a serious bang for your buck!  I picked up the Angela Woven Backpack in gray!  This was also right before my Coachella trip so I decided to scoop up the Mia Crossbody bag too (which if you know me you know how strange this is because when it comes to new sites, stores, brands, etc., I always start with one item to make sure I like it before ordering more).  But needless to say I'm OBSESSED.  I wore the Mia crossbody all 3 days of Coachella and it was the perfect size.  It doesn't look big but holds so much!  And once I got back I rocked my Angela backpack ON THE DAILY.  I literally wore it everyday for two weeks straight.  Yep, wore it to dinner, work, running errands, the gym.  It's so versatile and easy! 

I reached out to Hazlmay and they were kind enough to give YOU a 20% off discount code!  Use code: NEGHINADINA for 20% ALL BAGS!!  So for all you ladies who want to try out the backpack trend like me, or just want a pretty awesome handbag, you now can at an even a better price than before!  Thank me later!

xx, Neghin

This post is in collaboration with Hazlmay.  As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. i totally get you on spending too much on trendy items. I like to tell myself that everything will come back in style! Brb, definitely looking into that fab Hazlmay bag!

    xx Pia

    1. Everything totally comes back in style! And totally worth splurging on even with trendy pieces once you know you love the trend!

      Hope you love the bag and backpack as much as I do!

      xx, Neghin