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Tuesday Shoesday Dupes: Janie vs. Lauren

You guyssssss I don't think you know how excited I am about this post!

I remember this day as if it was yesterday (which it was NOT...more like August 2014).  I was at the Bloomingdales in the Fashion Square mall, which I always entered from the entrance by the shoes.  Looking back, probably not so smart because I always ended my day with an impulse purchase as I would leave the store.  

I nonchalantly entered the store and was working my way to Theory - I was knee neck deep in law school and needed to step up my "work attire."  I was on a mission to find a suit or dress that was appropriate in the courtroom but one were I didn't need to completely leave my sense of style and self in the dressing room.

As I was almost cleared of the shoe section I caught a glimpse of the Chloe Lauren Scalloped Leather Flats.  There it was...caught red handed in my peripheral vision...the classic but chic flats I had been looking for.  Flats that didn't scream BORRRINNNNGGGG.  But instead ones that I could transition from day to night and night to day, from school to court to happy hour, could wear them to the movies or Shabbat.  So versatile.  So chic.  So classic.

I simultaneously grabbed the display shoe and waved down a salesman as I was reaching into my purse to grab my credit card (when it comes to shopping I multi-task well 😜) when all of a sudden I heard screeching tires in my head.

HOLD ON!  I'm sorry...these are how much...$495?!!  Umm.. no thanks!  (Yes, even I have my limits!).

This was well before I understood the importance of having a classic and comfortable pair of flats.  Circa 2014 (until, actually, somewhat recently - late 2016 - if we are being honest) I was only able to justify spending the big bucks on heels.  Which is so idiotic when you think about it because you spend so much more of your time in flats!

But anyways...

Needless to say... I placed the shoes back down and broken heartedly went about my mission to find some new work clothes.

To this day, I still love those Chloe flats!  And to be quite honest, I'm not sure why I never just purchased them even once I started spending more on flats (ummm thanks to Gucci for that one 😳). 

But now that I'm sitting here and writing this post I am so SO happy I didn't splurge on the Chloe's!  

Cut to the J. Adams Janie Scalloped Slip On Flat!  These are literally the fraternal twin sister of the Chloe's!!  I say fraternal just because they aren't the exact same leather that Chloe uses...but who really cares about that!  Let's be real... we dress up for how it makes us feel and to impress and/or inspire others.  No one is going to be bending down and touching your shoes!

But other than that...they're identical!  They run true to size, come in bunch of colors and materials (ehemm I think I need one in suede next!) and most importantly, have that beautiful scalloped look that I absolutely die for!

Actually MOST importantly... they're ONLY $25!!  That's less than the tax you would have paid on the Chloe Lauren flats alone!

I picked up mine from ZOOSHOO (have been really loving this site for affordable shoes and for dupes) and you can buy yours HERE!! (NO this is not an affiliate code... like I said, I am just SO excited about these shoes and this post that I want to make sure that you guys can get your hands on it too!!)

P.S.  I am so happy and excited from the love and reaction I got from LAST WEEK'S post regarding the MIU MIU dupes!  Comment below and let me know if there is a specific shoe (or even bag) that you want to find a dupe for and I'll make sure to add it to the list of ones I will be discussing and posting about!!


Until next time...

xx, Neg

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