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Tuesday Shoesday Dupes: Miu Miu Who?


Hi there babes!  I am so sorry I've been MIA here on my blog.  I've gone through some really exciting and stressful changes in my life, both personally and professionally, the last few months, and didn't have much inspo when it came to writing and posting.  But I'm glad to say I'M BACKKKKK!!  AND will bringing you so much new, exciting and different content...so make sure to stay tuned!

One of the things I am so excited to start is this weekly series: TUESDAY SHOESDAY DUPES!  If you've been with me from the beginning then you know that I am all about mixing high fashion with high street.  And just in case you're new, in which case, WELCOME!!, let me give you a quick breakdown of what mixing high fashion with high street means, well to me at least!

High Fashion = designer, lust worthy, investment pieces.  Think a Chanel bag or Balenciaga heels!  

High Street = trendy, fun pieces from Zara, H&M, SheIn, LuLus, etc.  This is when I want to immerse myself into a trend but know it will, well...not be so trendy next season, so I decide to get a dupe at a much more wallet friendly price!

Get the drift?!

So typically I tend to invest in high end shoes and bags.  Mainly because those are the items I find to be a little less trendy but also because I know those items tend to hold their value better than a designer shirt!

But let's get real, sometimes we don't have the extra money to invest in a designer shoe or bag.  Or maybe we do, but the trendy is just too trendy!  That's were designer dupes come in!  Now I'm not talking about a designer replica (that's a big no-no and just SO un-chic)!  I'm talking about a shoe that could be mistaken for its higher-end, designer sister, but just so happens to be a more affordable brand. 

Cut to these ahhh-mazing Miu Miu dupes!

I loved these Miu Miu's when I saw them first hit the market last year.  But I knew I would get sick of wearing them after a couple times so I kept walking by them and talking myself out of splurging on them!  And then last month I came across these dupes on ZOOSHOO!!  These dupes are by Wild Diva and are a fraction of the price... only $28!!!  Just to put that in perspective for you, the Miu Miu's will break the bank at $670.  SAY WHATTTT?!! 

The major (and really the only) difference between these Wild Diva ballerina flats and the Miu Miu's is that the Miu Miu also comes with interchangeable tie up laces (it comes with the solid black and the gingham print whereas the Wild Diva ballerina flats only come with the solid black ribbon).  But really thats an easy fix, just search for the gingham print ribbon at your nearest craft store and swap it out (the Wild Diva ballerina flats allow you to take out the ribbon completely or swap it out for a different color/printed ribbon just like the Miu Miu's)!!

These Wild Diva flats are so so comfy!  I wore them around all day in France, walking around the city, and all day during this shoot and afterwards!  They also run true to size - I typically wear a size 6.5 and these are, you guessed it, US size 6.5!

I paired these flats with a black lace romper and Chanel bag.  I guess I still mixed the high fashion with the high street without even noticing!

Make sure you check ZOOSHOO out for these Miu Miu dupes and check back next Tuesday for my next #TuesdayShoesday #Dupe!!

Hope you guys love this series as much as I do!

xx, Neghin

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