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Tuesday Shoesday Dupe: Tribute to Saint Laurent

First things first...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!  I can't believe its already halloween but I'm not going to lie, I'm so happy it is!  Halloween basically kicks off my favorite time of year!  Because for starters, I love Halloween (I mean who doesn't?!), but then comes my Birthdayyyy!!!, then the hubby's birthday, my mom's birthday, Thanksgiving (hands down my fave holiday of the year!), then the holidays and New Years, which is always such a happy and exciting time!

Well that sentence was a mouthful and jam-packed but that's literally how the last two months of every year feels like for me, but I couldn't be more ready for it!

Okay, now for why you're actually here!  My weekly designer dupe!  Which, FYI I'm SO sorry I've been MIA on this.  I didn't want to just write a weekly post the past few weeks just to, well, do it.  Because truth be told I hadn't found any worthy dupes until NOW!!

You probably thought that these shoes were the Saint Laurent Tributes, but ummm, nope, they're not!

THESE babies are the J. Adams Vdara Strappy High Heel Pump and they will only cost you, drumroll pleaseeee, a whopping (major sarcasm added) $32!  Nope I'm not missing any digits, just $32 and THESE TRIBUTE DUPES will scratch that Saint Laurent itch for you!

Best part, other than the price (duh!), is that they're actually way more comfortable than the Saint Laurent's!  Now that's what I call a win-win!

Also, can we talk about these leggings!  How 🔥🔥🔥 are they!?!  And they're under $30!  Yes, I know, that's pretty amazeballs!

Shop the shoes, leggings, and the rest of the outfit below!

Till next week, xx, Neg!

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