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Tuesday Shoesday Dupes: Givenchy Shark Lock Boots!


THESE SHOES scream chic.  They (well not the ones pictured but the ones I am about to discuss ­čśé) came out about 2 years ago and were meant to only sold for one season but they've been such a hit for Givenchy (aka basically always sold out!) that Givenchy has brought them back every season since!  And can you blame them??

Also, I think this is literally one of my favorite looks I've posted here!  And thats basically because it incorporates everything I love - leather, some extra details (here, the zippers), a cozy and comfy element and something thats just extra and sassy, like me, I mean my coat!  Everything I'm rocking, minus the purse, is SO affordable - these are all high street items!  And they're such closet staples to0 - I've owned everything, minus the shoes, for years!  I'll try and find similar clothing items and link them below!

But back to the SHOES!!  So I have a confession...I actually hated the Givenchy boots when they first came out!  But now I love them...call it being basic or being influenced...but I seriously adore them!  I'm still contemplating buying the actual Givenchy's but wanted to test out the trend before I shell out the big bucks.  So I searched high and low for a comparable DUPE and nothing!  Well nothing until THESE BOOTIES!  And I'm literally obsessed!  If I decide to buy the GIVENCHY SHARK LOCK BOOTS - so basically if I can ever find them in my size! - I will get a dark colored boot and definitely keep these too because they are so comfortable and affordable!

Until next time, kisses, Neg!


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