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Coachella Beauty Essentials!!

These essentials will save you while at Coachella...or just anywhere hottttttt!

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We went live on Insta yesterday and it was so fun!  You guys had so many questions about products that will stand the test of time, errr, HEAT.  So because the live will disappear in a few hours I wanted to make sure there was a place you can all come to for reference and a breakdown of what YOU need in your beauty arsenal as the temps keep climbing up!

So let's dive right in because this is going to be a longgggg post!

1. SPF. SPF. SPFFFFFFFF!!!!  I cannot preach this one enough.  This should be used everyday. period.  Whether its hot out, cold out, raining, sunny - I don't care, start with SPF.  This one should be a no brainer - it helps with the prevention of wrinkles, sun spots, and cancer.  Do I really need to say more?! THIS is the sunscreen I use day to day - it doesn't leave a greasy residue nor does it break me out!  I also love THIS sunscreen because it doubles as a primer - it smooths out the fine lines and fills in the pores!

2. PRIMER. I typically cut out as many makeup layers as possible so I don't get sweaty cake face an hour into leaving my apartment.  Primer used to be the step I would cut out until I found THIS primer.  I love it because its a 3-in-one product: SPF, primer, anddd a tinted moisturizer.  I won't lie I still layer on the SPF before this step, but if you're in a jam this will have you covered.  I've used this without any foundation also and absolutely love it!  But at the very least, its a bomb ass primer and will fill in every last pore on your face!

2. FOUNDATION.  I'm a full coverage girl so I still tend to reach for a foundation even when I'm at the beach or pool.  Plus you always have to be picture ready, right?!  THIS foundation is my all time fave.  It covers everythinggggg & won't budge!  THIS is the foundation I meant to take to Mexico and the one I always travel with!

3. TINTED MOISTURIZERS & BB & CC CREAMS.  Until recently I would never use these and thats only because they wouldn't cover a damn thing on my face.  But with the combination of my skin finally looking healthier and better and finding the right tinted moisturizer, BB and CC creams for my face, I can finally enjoy the more carefree look.  

THIS tinted moisturizer is my ALL TIME FAVE because it has coverage like a foundation but feels lighter on your skin than a foundation does. It also has SPF (do you see a trend?!!!).

So BB & CC creams are basically tinted moisturizers but have some additional skin benefits to them (more on that in a different post).  THIS is my favorite BB cream and THIS is my favorite CC cream (also a cult favorite)!  These two are lighter in feel and coverage than the tinted moisturizer BUT still have amazing coverage (I can get away with covering up my hyper-pigmentation with these two also).  Oh and they have SPF! 😜

4. BRONZER.  Once you have your base on you need to add some dimension and color back into your face.  I'll skip most of the rest of my face makeup - i.e., blush, concealer, powder, etc. - but I won't skip bronzer or highlighter!  My one tip with both of these products is that you should go with creme products because there's less of a chance of having cake face!

THIS is one of my ride or die makeup products regardless of the temp or whether I'm traveling or not!  I know its a little pricey but this product has lasted me years and I still haven't hit pan (which is makeup talk for hitting the bottom of the container and a sign you'll need to buy a new one soon)!  So basically you can spend less on cheaper bronzers and keep rebuying them or buy one bronzer thats bomb AF and have it last!

But if creme is not your thing - THIS powder bronzer is the best drugstore bronzer you'll ever come across.  The cool tone of the bronzer allows you to use it as either an all over bronzer or to contour.  Plus it smells like a tropical vacation!  TIP: I use this bronzer as an eyeshadow to define my crease!  I love products that can multi-task!

5. HIGHLIGHTER.  So I know that the creme bronzer was on the pricier side but THIS creme  highlighter is under $10!!  See additional colors HERE, HERE & HERE.  Not only is it wallet friendly but these highlighters happens to be one of my favorite creme highlighter formulas and they are versatile - you can do a subtle glow or you can make sure NASA can see it from outer space.  So basically a win, win, winnnnn.  TIP: I use this highlighter on the lid of my eyes to make them pop! Like I said, multi-tasking products are where its at!

6. MASCARA.  I always need a good coat of mascara.  My favorite is THIS mascara but I'll be completely honest - it won't last at Coachella and the heat will make it transfer!  When it comes to Coachella and hot temps its always best to go with something waterproof!  That way you can enjoy the extra mojito while laying by the pool or dancing away in a humid and hot tent at Coachella and not have to freak about whether or not you have panda eyes!  THIS waterproof mascara is pretty neat because it "tubes" you eyelashes unlike traditional mascara that you just paint onto your lashes.  But THIS mascara is my drugstore go-to mascara!  Both of these mascaras have both passed the waterproof test!

7. SETTING SPRAY.  Because, well, duh! You want to make sure all the work you just did was not for nothing.  THIS is my all time favorite setting spray.  Its a cult classic.  Don't have it?  You're missing out.  I use it at home if I know I'll be out all day, I take it traveling, and best believe it'll be coming with me to Coachella.  There's also THIS setting spray and I love it because it has SPF.  So...if you didn't get the memo and slather SPF all over, you can use THIS setting spray to ensure you get your SPF without messing up your makeup.  

Now the biggest misconception I've seen is that people will use the Mac Prep + Prime spray (or other sprays like it - i.e., Mario Badescu Rose Water spray) to set their makeup and have it last all day.  These WON'T do that.  These sprays will refresh tired, dry, dull skin.  These sprays will help the powder blend into your skin so it doesn't look like cake face central.  But these sprays won't help your makeup stand the test of Coachella madness.  With that said, these two (THIS or THIS) are my favorite - let's call them - "refreshing" sprays.  I will definitely use a setting spray before I head to Coachella events but I'll take a mini size of either THIS or THIS refreshing spray with me so I can spritz my face throughout the day if I'm feeling dry or icky!

8. DRY SHAMPOO.  This one is self-explanatory.  I don't like washing my hair.  So I live off dry shampoo.  But I really need to make sure its bomb AF because I want it to smell good, give my hair body, and I don't want it to leave a white cast (I'm a brunette) or make my hair feel dirtier (surprisingly a lot of dry shampoos make my hair look less dirty but feel way dirtier than it was! Like WTF?!)!  THIS is my favorite dry shampoo and THIS is my favorite dry shampoo for brunettes!  I also love THIS dry shampoo for bringing life and body back into my hair!

And just while we're here do forget to give your lips some love with either this or this!  Love how these feel more like lip masks than a chapstick and obviously don't forget to hydrate!

Let us know down below if you have any beauty products that you use and love and won't sweat off in the heat!

xx, Neghin

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