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Makeup Faves & Ride or Dies!

When you travel you need your necessities...your ride or dies.  This holds true to basically everything - your outfit basics/essentials, tech gadgets, and beauty and skincare.  I'm a very anal packer because I hate forgetting anything but also hate bringing unnecessary things (and yes, I still overpack but a girl needs options!).

But something occurred to me when I was packing for this last trip (mainly because my husband challenged me to pack everything I needed for 5 days in a carry on! 🙈) - I could only pack the makeup and skincare that I knew would come through.  Like no packing 4 different foundations, just 1!  This might sound silly to the average person, but to a self-proclaimed makeup lover, it was no small feat, yet somehow I managed and by doing so I quickly realized what my ride or die makeup and skincare items are.

To make it easy to follow along, and because there probably still is a lot more makeup and skincare than the average person needs, I've split the makeup and skincare faves into two separate posts!

Click on the video below to find out what my current makeup faves - and really some ride or die products (aka makeup faves that have been tried and true for years!) - are!  

xo, Neghin

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