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Packing my Carry On like a Champ

I travel a lot and one thing I've learned is that every inch of your carry on counts - so its super important to pack like a champ! 

That almost sounded like it rhymed!!! LOL. No, but seriously, when packing for a trip its not just important what gets packed into your luggage that gets checked in, but its equally important, if not even more important, what and how you pack your carry on!

Your carry on will become your saving grace if your luggage gets lost, and if not, well then you at least saved some lbs. in your luggage!

So what you ask am I packing into my carry on?!

First and foremost, an extra outfit. Typically for me this means jeans, a v-neck tee, a blazer, and some stylish but simple heels. I pack my heels (and really all my shoes whether in my carry on or luggage) in a duster bag! Yes, separate duster bags for each pair of shoes! Also, always, and I mean ALWAYS roll your clothes when packing. This will minimize wrinkles and saves you so much room, meaning you can pack more outfits! Yes, thank me later :)

But because I'm headed to Italy & Greece, I'm going to swap out jeans for some denim shorts and also throw in a bathing suit. Because the last thing I woould want to happen is be on the beach wthout a cute bikini!

Next, pack some undies..because again, you need an emergency stash just in case! 

My beauty and makeup essentials. Well mid level essentials. Meaning I wouldn't die if it wasnt with me right when I landed, but is either excessive or not allowed to be check in. For me this is my foundation, bronzer, blush, and eyebrow pencil. (yes mascara and a lipstick are a full blown makeup essential for me so I'll explain more what I do with them in my next post!)

My sunglasses..well because it for some reason it gives me anx to pack it in my checked in luggae.

My jewelry..because understandably this gives me full blown anx to pack it in my checked in luggage.

And any and all of my designer purses/items!

This might sound excessive but things I wouldn't want to get lost or stolen or that I absolutely would need when I land to get on with my trip if my luggage got lost gets packed into my carry on.

My biggest TIP?! Get creative with how you pack.  I stuff my under and sunglasses into my purses.  This way it not only takes up less room in your carry on but it also helps your purses keep their shape while they're packed & stuffed into your luggage!

And that's basically it!  With any extra room left in my carry on I just take extra outfits, bikins, sandals, heels, or what not from my checked in luggage and throw it in here. That way worst case scenario I have extra stuff just in case my luggage gets lost but best case scneario i don't go over the weight limit with my check in luggage which trust me is a real struggle every damn time!

xx, Neghin

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