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Packing my Purse...for a Flight...like a Champ!

Now that we went over how to pack your carry-on like a champ (see THIS POST if you missed it!), today I want to discuss how to pack your travel purse like a champ!

I know a lot of people include the following items in their carry on but these are the things I like to have instant access to. And there's nothing more annoying than being that person who gets up mid-flight trying to access their carry on from the compartment.

Let me set the scene for you... you annoy the person next to you by having them get up so you can get out of your seat.  You are attempting to pul, open the overhead compartment, struggling a bit because you need to pull out your carry-on without having everything else fall out.  Somehow you manage that but you cause a raucous in the process that wakes that crying baby who just fell asleep. And now with everyone glaring at you, you are forced to unzip your carry-on in the walk way just to try and rummage through to find what you're looking for, to then pack it up, and try to get it back up in the overhead compartment, to only have to repeat this once (or twice) again!

And the death stares you encounter from the mother of that once-again-crying baby and basically everyone else on the flight is not very comfortable, to say the least...

So let me tell you to avoid that oh so uncomfortable feeling...

1. Your in-flight essentials...aka ..a cozy scarf, really cozy socks (because my feet are always the first to get cold on a flight), and an eye mask!
2. Headphones, duh!
3. Your iPad or laptop...you don't want to pack this in your checked luggage - need to make sure its protected!
4. Face & Hand cream.
5. Facial mist (because that dry airplane air is no beauno)!
6. Makeup wipes.
7. Toothbrush & toothpaste.
8. Tinted moisturizer (for when you're ready to face the wold).
9. Lipstick & mascara (same reason as number 8).
10. A book or magazine, just in case theres nothing good to watch on board and you get sick of listening to music (is there such a thing?!)

And then all the usual culprits... your wallet, cell phone, etc. I throw all this in a giant purse that well, probably would constitute a second carry-on, and board the plane! Its almost like getting away with having two carry ons but I keep my purse with me so I don't have to fuss with my carry on while on the plane and I just stick it under the seat in front of me so I don't lose leg room. EASY PEASY!

See you guys in Italy & Greece!

xx, Neghin

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