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FriYAY Faves: 11.9.18

Yay it’s time for another FriYAY Faves and this time I’m coming live from NYC!  I actually almost forgot today was Friday and then freaked out so I’m writing this post half ready for dinner LOLL

NYC – So obviously this has to be a FriYAY Fave this week because its my first time here and I don’t understand why it took me 30 years!  I love LA and it will always be home but a part of my soul truly feels like I am meant to be from NY and that I belong here!  Trying to figure out how to be bi-coastal!
Walking – I know, I know, you’re reading this and thinking HUH?!  But being in NY makes me realize how much I love walking around and taking in my surroundings like that.  Something were oh so missing in LA!  I told you, sometimes these faves are going to include the simple things in life that just make me happy!  Going to try to incorporate more walking when I’m back home…
Off-White Industrial BeltTHIS BELT makes me feel cool and so it’s a fave.  Plus it so suits the NY vibes I’m going with for my looks!

That’s all for this week! Now I need to go rush and get ready before the hubby kills me!  Make sure to follow me along on Instagram @NeghinAdina if you aren’t already so you can see everything I’m doing and eating while in NY!

xx, Neghin

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