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FriYAY Faves

When I first started blogging I used to have a series called ‘FriYAY Faves’ and each week I would discuss in detail a favorite of that week – for example, one weekend I would discuss coats, the next week dainty jewels, the following week OTK boots…you get the point. I really liked that series because I would discuss why it’s a favorite, link my favorites of that category and show you different ways to style it on my IG. 

But eventually I stopped because it was hard picking one fave each and every week.  So I’ve decided to bring it back but switch it up a bit this time around.  Some weeks I’ll pick one fave and discuss that category in detail like I used to and some weeks ill just share random faves I’ve had of the week – because at the end of the day, sometimes it just one lipstick or the weather that brings a smile to my face.  And as much as this place is a place to discuss all things fashion and beauty, it should also be a place that we can discuss the simple things in life that make us smile.

So here is the first of the grown up, remixed version of my FriYAY Faves!

The Fall Season – there’s just something so amazing about fall (besides the next two points I’m going to discuss – LOL) that makes me so happy.  The weather gets cooler, the colors change, people seem to become a lot nicer (probably because they’re mentally starting to get into all the holidays coming up). And yes, I live in LA and it’s about 85 degrees out as I write this but I did find a street by my house yesterday that all the tree leaves were yellow and orange and it genuinely made my heart smile!
November – so another reason I love fall is specifically the month of November.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year and I get so excited for it every time it hits November 1st!  Also, there are a lot of November birthdays in my family (my mom and husband just to name a couple) so it’s a really busy, exciting and fun month!
MY BIRTHDAY – that’s right…tomorrow is my birthday actually.  So on top of Thanksgiving and all the other birthdays, the fall season, November, and specifically this week includes my Birthday!  And this birthday is a big one – my big 30!!  I’m excited and nervous knowing this is the last day of my twenties…of this decade.  But onto bigger and better things!! #ScorpioSeason
Tom Ford – okay so this one might not be one of those “simple things” in life that make me happy but these shoes were an early birthday present from me to me and feel like my very own Cinderella shoes!  I love them so much!

Until next time my loves…

xx, Neghin 

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