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My Go-To Curling Wand (It's on Sale Too!!)

My go-to curling wand for any type of curl or wave - beach waves, Shirley temple curls, loose waves, etc. - that I want to do!  Best part you ask?!  Its on sale through the weekend!!


A few months ago my girlfriend and I went to Paris on a work/girls trip!  In order to condense our packing as much as possible we decided to share certain items so only one of us had to pack it, i.e., purses and hair products.  She said she was going to pack her curling wand and straightener regardless if I was going to pack mine because she couldn't do her hair without it.  Honestly, I wasn't attached to mine so to me that was perfect because those always take up so much room when packing!

Needless to say, when we got to Paris and I did my hair for the first time I understood her addiction to her curling wand!  Not only is it cute AF (umm hello aesthetically appealing white and rose gold wand!) but it cut down my hair curling time by a third!  I also feel like THIS WAND made my hair look smoother and shinier and my waves and curls did not need to be touched up for at least 3 days! 

THE WAND comes with 3 different barrels that really let you get any type of wave, curl, or hairstyle you want.  I really wanted to share this with you because its on sale HERE right now through Monday night!

Here are the hair steps I take - breaking down what I use each barrel for - and all the products I use to prep and set my hair when I curl it!  BONUS!!  EVERYTHING (minus my hairspray, which is drugstore, and my texturizing spray) ARE ON SALE THIS WEEKEND ALSO!!  Linking everything below for you to make it easy to shop! xoxo

This is the exact brand and shampoo (& conditioner - below) I've been using for the past 6 months and I absolutely love it!

The only one I've used for the past 13 years!  (Yes, you read that right!).  Keeps my hair soft & shiny without looking greasy & it smells ahhhh-mazing!!

- I mainly use the middle sized wand - the 1.25 inch one.  This one gives me the perfect loose waves. If I want my waves to be even more effortless looking, beach wave like, I still use this barrel but run my fingers through my hair before it has a chance to cool!

- I use the smallest barrel to get a more black tie attire hair look - i.e., when I go to weddings.

- Lastly, I use the biggest barrel to get a blow dried hair look!  Yep, thats right!  I just cut my hair a few days ago and its hits my upper chest area and I used this wand last night to curl my hair but it gave me the most beautiful blow dried hair effect (no curls or waves except for the bottom).  But my sister who has hair down to her waist uses this and she gets old school Hollywood glam type waves!  Its so versatile!

Under $5 and I swear by it!

I can't do my hair without this, its a game changer!  And it smells so so good!!

I have all 3 from this brand - HERE, HERE, & HERE, but I tend to gravitate towards THIS ONE the most.  Each one is for a different level of how oily/dirty your hair is, and because I tend to wash my hair every 5 to 7 days I tend to use THIS ONE the most because its the strongest.  I highly recommend any of these 3!  Just go with the one that suits your hair & how often you wash it!

- Light Oil/Washes hair every other day: Go with THIS ONE
- Style Extending/Washes hair every 3 days: Go with THIS ONE
- Most Oily/Powerful/Goes a week without washing hair: Go with THIS ONE

I know my blog posts tend to be long but I don't want to just try and push products on you like most influencers and bloggers.  Instead I want to educate, inform and recommend products that I love and use and know you will too!

Also, even though this started as a curling wand post but I know if I didn't share all the other hair products I use to prep and style my hair when I curl it I would get asked about it!  Plus almost everything I listed is on sale this weekend so I really wanted to share it with you!

I hope you enjoyed this info and these pictures from the impromptu photoshoot my girlfriend and I did in Paris!  Lol.

Comment below and let me know if you use and love any of these products or if you have any hair product recommendations!

xx, Neghin


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