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Sephora Beauty Insider SALE Must Haves!!


AHHHHH I am so excited for this post!!  Every year Sephora has a sale for its beauty insider members around the holidays!  Now you’re probably wondering why I care so much about this sale and its because it’s not like any old sale which normally marks down the seasonal items or items that didn’t sell well (insert eyeroll emoji because who wants to buy those items after months of not selling)! Instead they do a blanket sale on everything.  And yes, I mean everything.

The sale is going on RIGHT NOW – it started today – and will be going on through Monday (11/16/18 – 11/19/18)!  You can shop in store or online but I prefer online because its less hectic, shipping is fast, quantities are higher, and online normally has more items than the stores do!

All Sephora Beauty Insiders save 15% off their entire purchase with the code BIBONUS!

If you’re not a beauty insider member you can sign up HERE – its free to join, you get points and bonuses like this sale, and it takes literally 30 seconds!

Additionally, Sephora has extended the 20% off for their Rouge and VIB beauty insiders with the code ENJOY

This sale is the best time to stock up on your holiday gifts and stocking stuffers and items you know you use and run out of all the time (like item number 4 below)!!  It’s also the best time to get items you’ve been wanting to buy but have been a little out of your price range which brings me to…

1.    THE DYSON AIRWRAP STYLER – This item has been all the rage on social media because it’s a curling iron that curls your hair for you!  And that’s awesome and all but the reason I actually want it is because it has a round brush attachment that basically blow dries your hair for you!! I don’t know about you, but I cannot, for the life of me, blow dry my hair like they do in the salon but this tool will give me the ability to do so!  Also, blow drying your hair takes less direct heat than curling irons and straighteners do which means healthier hair for us all!  The price tag is steep so I’ve been waiting on this sale to be able to order the item.  But if this styler works it’ll so be worth the money and will save me a trip to drybar every week!!

2.    MARC JACOBS BEAUTY VELVET NOIR MASCARA – If you don’t know why this is on my list can you really call us friends?!  LOL JK JK. But really, my favorite mascara ever!!

3.    BEAUTYBLENDER BOUNCE FOUNDATION – I was introduced to this foundation 6 weeks ago and I have NOT used any other foundation since.  Not only is it full coverage (I don’t have to use concealer under to cover up my acne or hyperpigmentation!!!) but it literally lasts all day.  Actually, no, it doesn’t just last all day…it looks better throughout the day!  I’m running dangerously low on my original one so I might just pick up an extra one, or two, while they’re on sale!

4.    BEAUTYBLENDER SPONGE – I feel like this is one of those no brainers.  If you use this sponge (and if you don’t, get on it!) you should definitely stock up during the sale!  I typically buy 2-4 during the sale!  You’re supposed to replace these every 2-3 months (depending on how often you use it) so it’s always good to have backup.  And note to the wise, don’t get lazy – replace this every time you replace your toothbrush! It can harbor bacteria like anything else and it’s not a cute look to be spreading that on your face!  With that said, knowing I’m going to replace this every couple of months, I tend to pick up enough to get me through until the next Sephora sale! Now that’s what I call smart shopping!

5.    GRANDELASH MD LASH ENHANCING SERUM – I started using this years ago on my eyebrows and it has been a game changer!  I love seeing brands that I found randomly grow and become these amazing brands with amazing products!  Anyways, back to the point.  I used this on my brows a few years ago on a bald spot I had from over plucking and it saved my life!  I’ve never used it on my lashes but I’ve heard it’s also a game changer for that! I’m going to pick this up and use it on my lashes this time around because although I have really long lashes they’re not that thick so I want to give this a whirl!

6.    CHARLOTTE TILBURY BAR OF GOLD HIGHLIGHTING PALETTE – Charlotte Tilbury makes some of the best quality makeup I’ve ever used!  Mix that with the fact that I’m a highlighter junkie and have a weakness for cute packaging and you have another wanted needed product!  

7.    HERBIVORE BLUE TANSY RESURFACING CLARITY MASK – This is one of the products I’m most excited about because I’m a skincare junkie.  Combine that with hearing endless good things about this brand – not to mention it’s a “Clean at Sephora” brand – I really want to get my hands on it and see what all the fuss is about.  Also, I was browsing through their products on Sephora’s site and I realized that they have really simple yet cute packaging…and you already know how I feel about packaging!!

8.    WANDER BEAUTY BAGGAGE CLAIM GOLD MASKS – You mean you’re going to give me gold that will brighten and hydrate my dark circles? Well why didn’t you speak up earlier?!  All jokes aside, I actually received these eye masks in a PR package and loved the way they left my under eyes after having used them that I’m going to purchase them myself!  I don’t think eye masks (at least none I’ve tried yet) change the appearance of your under eyes permanently, but I do think it definitely makes a difference for the day!

BEAUTY TIP – Put your eye masks and eye creams in the fridge!  Not only do they last longer but they help depuff so much faster and better than any product on its own could do!

9.    HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING EDIT PALETTE VOLUME 4 – Hourglass is another brand that just makes quality product after quality product.  Their Ambient Lighting Powder is one of my favorite finishing powders – I specifically use the shade Dim Light to set my under eyes on the daily! I haven’t yet used any of their bronzers or blushes yet so I figured this palette would be the perfect place to start!  It has 3 finishing powders, including my favorite one, plus a bronzer and 2 blushes!! The price is high but not when you break it down for 6 products.  And now you and I will be saving 20% off too so this is definitely being added to my shopping cart!

10.  URBAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY – I do not, and I repeat, DO NOT, do my makeup without this spray!  Every time I finish my makeup I spritz this on my face and it helps all the powders melt into each other/your face so you don’t look like cake face.  It also helps your makeup last literally all day – errr – all night depending on what you’re into it! 😝

11.  CHARLOTTE TILBURY AIRBRUSH FLAWLESS FINISH SETTING POWDER – This is a repurchase for me.  I cannot wear makeup without setting my face with this setting powder.  It’s the perfect finish (not too shiny or too matte) and I just hit pan so I need to order this, like, yesterday!  But the sale started today…so I had to wait!

SHOPPING TIP:  When it comes to products you know you love and use and will rebuy, even if it hasn’t finished yet but will be soon, this sale is the best time to stock up!

12.  NATASHA DENONA SUNSET EYESHADOW PALETTE – Where do I even begin…anyone and everyone who has reviewed one of her eyeshadows/palettes have raved on and on about how pigmented, buttery and beautiful the shadows are and I have been DYINGGGG to try them out but just could not bite the bullet on her palettes because of the price tag.  Honestly, no matter how you slice it, a $129 is a lot for an eyeshadow palette because most brands out there have really amazing and affordable palettes now-a-days.  But this palette is truly orgasmic and speaks to my soul and considering that (1) my 20% off will bring this palette to under $100, (2) I haven’t heard one bad review on her shadows – and I’ve done my research, and (3) I’m a sucker for makeup and would end up caving at one point  so why not while there’s a sale – I’m just going to do it.  I’m going to do what Nike says and Just. Do. It!! Because that applies to makeup too, right?!

13.  GUERLAIN ROUGE G CUSTOMIZABLE LIPSTICK AND LIPSTICK CASE – I’m a sucker for two things – packaging and saving money – and if you can combine that into one item then honestly…. Well, actually, I’m at a loss for words and have nothing quick or catchy to say!  LOL.  I love this product because you’re able to customize your packaging by picking one that’s just so you!  Then you pick out your perfect lipstick shade and voila – you have a customized lipstick. And the money saving part comes when you need to replace that lipstick or just want a new shade.  Re-use your personal lipstick case from the first time and you only have to pay for the actual lip color the second, third, fourth time(s) around!  Now that’s a major win-win for me!

The Sephora sale is honestly my favorite sale of the year because its mixes the aspirational with the realistic and attainable.  I say this because I can get my hands on beauty products that I’ve been eyeing but couldn’t justify spending money on, aka the aspirational, but also repurchase all my daily realistic beauty items!  Every item I’ve listed – whether I’m buying for the first time or rebuying today – doesn’t go on sale unless and until Sephora has their Beauty Insider Events.  Also, I can buy a bunch of holiday gift sets for my friends and family and save money on those items as well!

A lot of these items are selling out so make sure you get your hands on them now!!  Happy shopping ya’ll!!

xx, Neghin


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