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2019 Resolutions!!

It's a new year, which only means it's time to be basic and make resolutions that will hopefully last a month, err, I mean a year!  Just kidding...I think.
So, let’s not blab and make this a super long and unnecessary intro (that should probably be a resolution for me – LOL) and get right into it.

1.    Make Resolutions as they are Needed or Wanted – Not Just on New Year’s.  I will continue to do these New Year’s resolutions blog posts yearly because I think it’s fun to share and inspire one another, but I do think that we, as a society, put so much pressure on them and use them as an excuse.  “I’ll start my diet after New Year’s.”  “I’m going to join a gym in January.” “I’m going to (fill in the blank) after this vacation, after the holidays, after…”  I think doing this only prolongs the inevitable and honestly creates lazy people. So, I’m done using Monday or the New Year as a start date and instead will begin when I feel a new goal or resolution needs to be made.  At that moment.  My new motto – JUST. DO. IT.  Thanks for the inspo Nike.

2.    Care Less. I know this sounds like a weird one but I’ve always been the person who has cared so much, honestly, too much, what other have thought of me, what I did/do, how I look, how I dress, how I act, you name it, I’ve cared.  And I’ve always acted like I haven’t because well, I didn’t want to care, but I did.  So, my goal and resolution is to get to a point that I don’t care what others think and if I’m happy then I’m happy.  That picture I took and loved but didn’t want to post to IG because I didn’t think it would do well.  2019 Neghin says F it – you love it, you post it.  You love it, you do it.  Maybe that IG comparison sounds a little drastic and dramatic but it happens to me far more than I care to admit.  So, I want to let go of the idea of perfection and be more me, more in the moment and get to a point where another’s opinion does not alter me or my decision to do something.

3.     Stay Consistent with Work.  I’m a creative person and an entrepreneur in my own right.  But I’m not a business savvy person.  I’ll come up with that million-dollar idea and how to market it, sell it and kill it but don’t have the know-how to carry it out and that challenge normally stunts my growth.  It’s not so much of the challenge that frightens me and stops me but more so the fact that I lose interest because I get bored that the ball hasn’t started rolling as fast as I would have liked.  The same happens with work often – I come up with a series that I think will be great, and it is – you guys have loved it – but then after a month or two, it hasn’t exploded into the phenomenon that I hoped it would so I lose interest and move on to the next idea or series.  Or even something as simple as posting on IG every day – I know how important this is – but I don’t do it for some reason.  So, my career goal for 2019 will be to stay consistent, push through the dry spells, and not give up but instead fight on until I see the light of the success I’ve wanted and strived for because I know I’m meant for it and its coming.

That’s all for today lovies.  Please share some of your New Year’s resolutions below so that we can inspire one another with ideas and goals that we should all try and accomplish! 

I hope you all had an amazing New Year’s celebration and have an amazing year to come.  

xx, Neghin Adina

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