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FriYAY Faves: 1.18.19

Hi my loves & welcome back to another FriYAY Faves! The weather in LA this past week has be cray cray.  There was torrential rainfall everyday – so insane for this city!

Not going to lie it was refreshing but it made it so hard to get anything done!  But with the weather going from normal LA weather, to pouring rain and then back to normal today…my skin freaked a little.  So this weeks faves are items I have been using, needing and loving this past week!

1.     AQUAPHOR – You’ll see why this is so necessary in no. 2 lol

2.     THESE GLOVES – Okay, not going to lie, J makes so much fun of me – but in a cute endearing way, I think– when I wear these BUT they’re lifesavers.  Right before I’m going to sleep I’ll slather some Aquaphor on my hands and slip these gloves on and go to bed.  These moisturizing gloves trap in heat and make the aquaphor penetrate that much deeper into your skin and you wake up with hands as soft as a baby’s bottom.  I ordered a size Medium.  You can thank me later for this tip! 

3.     LIP SCRUB – I used to use a lip scrub religiously and I don’t know why I stopped!  This is the one I like to buy because I trust the brand and their ingredients but I also have my own DIY recipe for one so let me know if you guys want that!

That’s all for this week!  See you guys in next week’s FriYAY Faves!

Xx, Neghin 

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