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FriYAY Faves: 1.4.19

Have you read my 2019 Resolutions yet?!  Oh, you haven’t – eye roll – well don’t worry you can read it HERE!

One of the things I mentioned in my resolutions’ post was the fact that I wanted to up my hustle and improve my consistency with work.  So, with that said, drumroll pleaseeeee…let’s bring back my original series FriYAY Faves (yet again – LOL).

1.    New Year’s – Not only do I love new year’s because of shorter work weeks but I also love the idea and feeling that we all get to hit refresh – set new goals and start new plans.  Yes, I think we as a society hang onto that idea a bit too much (which is why im making it a goal to start new goals asap and not wait for the “right moment or date” to start) but nonetheless I love the idea that it’s the beginning and we get to restart.

2.    Isabel Marant – I bought THESE BOOTS on sale after Thanksgiving and have been lovinggggg them ever since!  I know, I know, it’s a splurge – but in my defense, I waited until they went on sale even though I wanted them months ago!  So I say it’s okay 🤪

3.    Image Skincare Lip Enhancement – It’s that time of year were my hands and lips just get so dry it’s disgusting. But THIS CHAPSTICK has been a life saver.  I put it on every night before going to sleep and it works just like a sleeping lip mask would – my lips are so soft and plump in the am.  But I also use it throughout the day, every day!  For the day I switch off between the ORIGINAL or THIS ONE if I want a pretty tint to my lips.  It’s always on me and I freak out every time I’m running low on it!

Until next week…

Xx, Neghin

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