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Sephora Holiday Sale Event Must-Haves + What I Purchased Already | Skincare Edition


Sephora is having their Holiday Beauty Insider Event/Sale!  I asked on IG stories if you would like me to do a breakdown of what I love and recommend so you can have an easier time shopping the thousands of products on line and in store and the overwhelming majority of you said YES!  I decided to break the post up into 2 parts because I have a lot of must-haves and this one is covering all things skincare (plus one hair product LOL)!

Basically how the sale works is depending on your beauty insider level you get a certain percentage off of ANYTHING & EVERYTHING in store and online!  This is the best time to stock up on your faves, get gifts, or maybe try things you wouldn't typically want to spend money on!  The sale is going through Monday, November 11th.  Rouge members get 20% off, VIB members get 15% off and Insider's get 10% off.  If you aren't a member this is the best time to join so you can save some $$$ and, best part is, its free to join!

#1 OLE HENRIKSEN TRANSFORMING WALNUT SCRUB || Not too much to say about this product yet because I just purchased it for myself last week but so far I am liking it.  The reason I had to already include this newbie purchase it on my must have list though is because I needed a gentle yet effective face scrub to use that is pregnancy safe* because I can no longer use any of my normal chemical exfoliators!  But, so far, so good!

#2 LANEIGE LIP SLEEPING MASK + LIP BALM COMBO || If you follow me on IG then you've heard me talk about this sleeping mask on stories a bunch!!  I have one in my nightstand and use it every. damn. night.  You can purchase just the SLEEPING MASK HERE but I figured for the price of that you might as well get this combo that also includes the "day version" of the sleeping mask - their lip balm!  And this lip balm is one of 2 you'll always find on me!  P.S. Getting the combo is actually $2 less than just getting the lip mask. (Note: The lip mask that comes in the combo isn't a full size but this stuff lasts forever so if this is your first time buying this product I recommend getting the combo)!

#3 PETER THOMAS ROTH LACTIC PORE TREATMENT || Most effective acne products that help with acne, texture, pores, etc are off limits during pregnancy.  That's why I got so excited when I found this product because Lactic Acid is considered pregnancy safe*.  I've been using this for about a week and although it doesn't do much for my cystic acne (wasn't expecting it to) it does help with the overall look and texture of my skin!

#4 DR. ROEBUCK'S TAMA HEALING MASK || I got introduced to Dr. Roebuck's products about 2 months ago & have been loving their clean, yet effective formulas.  This mask is one I purchased on my own and it really helps calm my skin!  I love using this right after I use the Lactic Pore Treatment!

#5 CLARINS RADIANCE-PLUS GOLDEN GLOW BOOSTER || Okay so tanning products aren't on the no-way-José list of products that are banned during pregnancy so it took some digging into to find out that you can't use them during your first trimester because of the main ingredient DHA.  Some sources say you shouldn't use them at all during pregnancy.  So as of now I haven't used a sunless tanner or gotten a spray tan but I got the okay from my OBGYN* to use this product because the DHA is naturally derived and because I'm now well into my second trimester!  I wanted to feel like I had some color to my skin so I use this by mixing it into my moisturizer - day or night (kinda depends on when I remember to LOL) - and apply away!

#6 FRESH RICE DRY OIL || I LOVE fresh products and I LOVE body oil so when I came across this I got V excited and hit add to cart.  This helps soften the skin which is esp important when your preggers so that you can prevent stretch marks and itchy skin as much as possible!  Obviously this is great to use during the colder months even if your not with child!

#7 DR. DENNIS GROSS ALPHA BETA PADS || Ahhh so this one is NOT pregnancy safe but it's such a game changer.  I used to use this all the time and will continue to once baby is out and I'm done breastfeeding!  THIS is the one I have pictured in the collage but if you have tougher skin, skin that's used to getting chemical peels, or have already tried this product, I would recommend THESE EXTRA-STRENGTH PEEL PADS!!

#8 TATCHA VIOLET-C BRIGHTENING SERUM || And another one bites the dust aka another product I can't use while preggers.  But if you have followed me for some time on IG I spoke about this product in March or so of this year after I had already been using it for a few months.  Everything I have to say about this PLUS before and after pics of the amazingness it is, is all saved to my 'SKIN' highlights on IG!

#9 DR. ROEBUCK'S NINGALOO FIRMING SERUM || This was the first product that was introduced to me from Dr. Roebuck's.  I received this in PR when I was about 2 months pregnant (and no one knew yet except the hubs & I) and it has been a G-D send.  You can't use a lot of anti-aging products either when you're pregnant so this 6 only ingredient product that helps firm the skin couldn't have come at a better time*.

#10 FRESH VITAMIN C GLOW POWDER || One of my all time favorite Fresh products!  I've repurchased this time & time again and always stock up when I can get them on sale because I use about 1 pack a week (sometimes 2)!  It tingles a bit when you use it but leaves your skin tone even and your face glowing!  PRO TIP: Once you massage it onto your skin let the product sit for about 10 minutes before washing it off!

#11 SLIP SILK PILLOW CASE || This might seem bougie but hear me out...It keeps your hair smooth so no frizzy messed up hair in the am when you wake up, helps fight wrinkles on your face - yes you read that right, and helps your face keep its moisture throughout the night instead of sucking it all out!  Don't believe me?! Read the reviews, do your research, and purchase away!  Jamie (the hubs) used to make fun of me for sleeping on these and now he requests them on his pillows!!  LOL! Anyways, I know they're a bit pricey which is why I always buy one or two anytime I can find them on sale!

#12 IGK CHARCOAL DETOX DRY SHAMPOO || Hands down the best dry shampoo.  They have 3 different levels - LEVEL 1 HERE, LEVEL 2 HERE, and the CHARCOAL LEVEL 3.  I like this one the best because I typically only wash my hair once a week and this keeps my hair smelling nice and makes sure there is no nasty hair oil cramping my style!  Get the level you think you need based on how often you wash your hair but definitely get one while its on sale!  ALSO - just noticed you can get a free travel size of the charcoal detox dry shampoo with THIS LIMITED EDITION COMBO PACK (so full size + travel size of the dry shampoo) for the same price you can get a full size charcoal dry shampoo right now...thank me later!

What's on your must-have Sephora list?!

xx, Neghin

* Please do your own research and consult with your own OBGYN if pregnant before trying any of these, or other, beauty products.  These conclusions of what is pregnancy safe is based on my personal research as well as consulting with my OBGYN.  But just because I have received the green light on certain products may or may not mean it is safe for you to use.  Every person is different, and every pregnancy is different, so please consult with your own doctor.  

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