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Spring Polish to Brighten Up Your Quarantine Beauty Routine!

With all the current hand washing we are doing, our hands and nails could definitely use some extra TLC at the moment.  Plus, being quarantined at home means time to master a new trade or two.  First on my list...the perfect DIY manicure with the perfect Spring colors!

With the rainy & gloomy weather, plus all the madness that is the Coronavirus, I figured this was the best time to pick out some new polishes, or breakout some old faves, that can help brighten up the day!

So I figured the best way to do write this post would be to find not just the prettiest Spring polish shades but the prettiest colors that will also be all the rage this year!  Here are the 7 best shades to give you a boost this Spring season!

A bright yellow will be everywhere this Spring & Summer and there's no denying that it'll make any gloomy day feel like sunshine!  Try THIS yellow shade if you want to go out with a bang!  But if you want to ease into wearing yellow polish, try THIS pastel yellow!

Send Nudes!  Now if you thought nude shades were only for the fall season you are so so wrong!  These polishes may not necessarily brighten up your quarantined days but they're very chic and always on trend!  Try THIS, THIS (shade 'Naked'), or THIS shade this Spring!

Green polish is having a HUGE moment right now!  And this one is a double whammy because not only is dark green polish on trend for this Spring but so is a pastel, mint green!  Try THIS dark green shade or THIS mint green shade (shade 'Can Dew Attitude')!
There's no way to welcome Spring than with pink!  Try THIS pink polish (shade 'Turban') for the best on trend pink you'll find this season!

Orange you glad you're reading this post?! ;) This perfect blend of red and orange is hot, hot, HOT!  Snag it HERE!

Metallics, glitter, & iridescent polishes, my-oh-my!  These typically are very on trend during the holidays/NYE but this Spring you'll see them continue to dominate your IG feeds!  Try THIS, THIS, or THIS one!

And last but not least, BLUE!  THIS classic dark blue will be all the rage this Spring even though its typically thought of as a winter color!

Let me know which of these Spring 2020 nail polish trends you plan on trying first!

xx, Neghin

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