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Neghin Adina, is a site that shares life's every day luxuries and beauty with an unfiltered voice!

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I began modeling at the age of 12.  But modeling was not what my immigrant Persian parents had in mind for their children when moving to the US.  As such I had to become either a doctor or lawyer.  And so I did.  I graduated college at 21, went on to law school - which truly enthralled my very being - and passed the California bar exam.

But at one point during that grueling long stretch of law school I found myself urgently yearning for a creative outlet - something that was completely and utterly detached from the highly regimented structure of writing legal memorandums, citing statutes, and referencing case law.  And so, I quickly began to take note of the chic fashion blogs that began to emerge.  However, I continuously, and successfully, always managed to convince myself I had no time to write and manage a blog while being in law school an attorney & kept putting my passion on hold.

Until one day I was bored.  Learning and discussing the law is very different than the practice of it.  And just like that, I was once again yearning for a creative outlet.  Somewhere I could write about and show my life but make it relatable to all women.  And this time there was no convincing me that I couldn't handle it.

So just like that, Neghin Adina, was born - a place to cultivate ideas, share life's everyday luxuries, talk about the law (yes, I still love doing that!), share candid advice, document life as it unfolds (even the parts that aren't masked by concealer) and to share with you all of the fashion and beauty tips & tricks I've learned along the way.  But most importantly, sharing all of this in my sarcastic, witty & unfiltered (& sometimes annoying) valley girl voice!

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