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Where are you from?

Born and raised in the City of Angels.

What does your name - Neghin - mean?

It technically means 'center of the ring.' So whatever stone is the center of the ring, that's the Neghin of the ring :)

Favorite type of food?

I'm a bigger snacker...so hot cheetos! But I don't think that falls into a food category, so other than hot cheetos, I would say Persian food - but only if its home made, or Sushi! I could live off sushi!

Favorite place traveled to?

I spent a summer studying abroad and living in London so London holds a very special place in my heart! Plus once you're in Europe its so easy to get from Country to Country! But my favorite place every traveled to has to be hands down Greece.  Just went there this past summer on my honeymoon - specifically, Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos, and I loved it all!

Favorite place to shop in LA?

I love Nordstrom because its a great one stop shop.  But I also could not live without Sephora, Zara, Barney's or Saks!  There's also Revolve and Shopbop but I guess I can shop there from anywhere in the world and not just LA.

You can shop all my hand picked favorites from ALL the places I love to shop right here on the Blog!! Just go to the SHOP tab above!!

Where can I shop the looks you post here on your Blog and on Insta?

Great question!! I've made it super easy for you guys! I added a "SHOP" tab above in the header, if you click on that you will see outfit posts I've made with direct links to where I purchased everything!  If I wear something that is no longer for purchase or I cannot find a link for it online, I will link something similar to what I'm wearing!  Let me know in the comments below if there are specific outfits you would like to see on the Shop tab and/or if you would like me to link "dupes" for things I wear as well!  I will try and update the shop tab as often as possible and I'll go based off the photos you guys liked the most on Insta!! :)

Where did you go to Law School? 

Southwestern Law School!

Why did you get into Blogging if you're an Attorney?

This is probably the number one question I receive whether it be by my family, friends, fellow bloggers, or strangers!  I went in depth on this in my first blog post - The Journey to Now - but plain and simple, its because I enjoy dressing up, writing, and desperately wanted and needed a creative outlet.  So all 3 of those combined = Blogging.  I've never been that great at math, but that formula seems to make sense to me! :)

Do you have Snapchat?

I do!  Follow along @NeghinAdina

How can I contact you?

For business questions,, collaborations, inquiries, or just to say HI, please email me at NeghinAdina@gmail.com - To make it easy you can fill out the contact form to the right or click on the email icon (also to the right) or on the top of the page!  I've tried to make it super easy for us to become friends!

Comment below and let me know what else you want to know about me or what else you want to see/read on the Blog!  This is a creative space for all of us to share thoughts and ideas and I want to make sure its relatable to all my friends, old and new alike!  After all, I am not just chronicling my life stories...but the life stories of her!

xx, Neg

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